Adjustable Oswestry Frame

Optional to the wooden Oswestry Standing Frame this has a stainless steel and wood construction, melamine coated tray and 3 leather (acrylan covered)  straps (Seat, Knee and Ankle) as standard. 
 It's is again sturdy appearance and  gives a feeling of security and allows sufficient movement for the user
 to carry out activities.

Dimensions Standard Frame:
Height adjustable to 40" (101cm) as standard.
Standard external width at widest point is 29" (74cm) Internal Width 24" (61cm)
Standard length is 37" (94cm)
Weight - 20KG
User Weight Limit
User weight limit for standard frame is 18stone (115Kg). 
Custom built frames are available on request.

Powered Lifter. For assisting from sit to stand (see other page)
Trunk Supports and Straps. For extra upper body support.
Knee Support Unit. For extra lower leg lateral support.
Adjustable angled tray.
Wheels. When frame needs to frequently moved.